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Letter: Common decency requires you to stop

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I agree with Molly Hoffman-Crook’s opinion about the oversized Confederate flag flown over Main Street in Mathews on the day of May Faire (“A divisive symbol,” May 9 Readers Write). I was shocked to see this massive flag hoisted on a telescoping pole from the back of a truck flying higher than any American flag in the entire Court House area.

While I disagree with the message intended by display of the Confederate flag, I defend the right of all Americans to express their own opinions on their own property or person. But the size of, manner, and place that this flag was displayed gave the impression that it stood for Mathews County at a community event. Anyone coming to Mathews that day to attend May Faire could easily be fooled into thinking that May Faire was a celebration of the Confederacy.

Despite the protestations that the Confederate flag represents heritage, not hate, the people behind the presence of that particular flag on that da...

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