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Letter: Come into the light

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The past several weeks has seen school board members and the superintendent of schools calculatingly incite a significant schism in our community, all in the name of “the good of the school children.” In the view of these individuals, the citizens of Gloucester should, without question, or having these individuals transparently and truthfully disclose their objectives simply provide the schools with all the money they believe they are entitled to.

Indeed, our children are our future; however, that future is being clouded by the current guardians. This will not stand. Fortunately, our elected members of the board of supervisors have made their opposition clear and open.

Only the board of supervisors has the power to provide county funds for school use. The BOS has the responsibility to consider all the financial needs of the county and prioritize them. It is the role of the superintendent to convince the school board of the needs of the schools and to ...

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