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Letter: Christians should vote

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Some Christians don’t vote because they feel there are no perfect candidates. Jesus had a similar situation when He was physically on earth choosing leaders for His church.

Did Jesus choose only perfect people? Was impulsive Peter perfect? Did Jesus have any doubts about Thomas? Was Judas a good choice?

Since Jesus was the only perfect human who ever lived, He had to choose the best people He could, even if they weren’t perfect. He expects us to do the same because we have the opportunity and obligation to God to choose righteous leaders (Exodus 18:21).

Christians opposed to abortion, homosexuality, etc., and don’t vote leave the choice of our leaders to abortionists, homosexuals, etc. Do you expect them to vote for leaders who will support or oppose them?

We have to decide whether we want elected officials who will govern in accordance with or contrary to our Christian beliefs. In the latter case, we have extra work to fight opposing officials ...

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