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Letter: Capturing VDOT’s attention

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Hats off to Carol Bova and G.C. Morrow!

It is encouraging to see citizens take up a communal cause, and spend hundreds of hours researching, photographing, reporting, meeting with authorities, traveling to Richmond on our behalf, and holding the responsible agency—VDOT—accountable for what should or shouldn’t be done with our ditches for our safety, health and welfare. They have acted as volunteers, demanding no compensation, but looking for mandated action.

The results affect us all. The story is as old as our county—Jefferson commented on the mosquitoes in this area. A good maintenance of the ditches was the way to control the mosquitoes (and the flooding), via logical, practical ditch control.

Congratulations, Carol and G.C., on capturing VDOT’s attention!

Elena Siddall

Port Haywood, Va.

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