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Letter: Capital improvement committee did great job

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The March 1 meeting of the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors contained a report with a recommendation from the capital improvement committee. Great job. They were given a mountain of potential projects from various county departments and the school board (58, I think) and they managed to reduce it to 12.

The presentation contained all the ingredients one should expect in a professional report, such as what they suggested to address this year and out-years, how much the expected cost would be, and where the money would come from. They had professional help with the financials, giving "what-if" scenarios necessary for good decision making. This is government at its best, citizen involvement.

The only hiccup was when someone prematurely asked for the plan to be approved and added to the budget. It was apparent to me and others, I think, that either the board had not previewed the report or not done their homework, either of which was unfortu...

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