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Letter: Blindness never a solution

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Your editorial of June 11, “More perfect,” regarding the peaceful protests in Mathews and Gloucester called for a heart change solution to the current unrest—excellent! Unfortunately, the goal offered was to become “color-blind.” Blindness of any kind can’t be a solution. Our hearts are at the mercy of our minds. How and what we think needs transforming. We already exhibit “social schizophrenia.”

The news tells us we are not really seeing or hearing what we are seeing and hearing—good is bad and bad is good. Nothing is what it seems. Now a suggestion that we shouldn’t see color? Our brains have become so media manipulated it cannot recognize the “victimization” and “guilt” being superimposed.

What must change? Individually, we must. Transforming the mind’s eye, the window of our soul and spirit, is possible. On June 11, three letters to the editor combined 24 clergy pointing to Christ for understanding and transformation. Skin color is an essential pa...

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