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Letter: Blessed beyond fantasies

In a strange case of similar bewilderment, yet a reversal of circumstances, I echo the question of Job (the main character in the 18th book of the Bible). Job lost his family, his fortune, his servants and his health, being that God allowed Satan to torment Job with painful sores from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head. All this after Job led a life described as “blameless and upright he feared God and shunned evil.”


After these events unfolded Job’s discourse was along the lines of “why me?” 


My story is exactly opposite. After many years of ignoring God and living my life with the intent of pleasing myself, not caring who got hurt or affected by my disorderly conduct, I find that God has blessed me in many ways beyond most people’s wildest fantasies. Most people dream of money, fame, power and all the goodies associated with such. God has given me the vision that sees through the temporary and a confidence in...

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