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Letter: Beyond shocking

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The devastating aftershocks of the toxic policies of Biden and our far-left Congress are unfathomable. Former President Trump boasted of his great accomplishments because it was never reported in the local news or social media. His true goal was to make “America Great Again” and he was succeeding. He also recognized the evil that existed in our Congress (the swamp).

Instead, we elected a puppet president to destroy our middle class and our poor. This has been their objective all along, to create a socialist/communist country. Make no mistake, we will suffer their self-made disasters until we vote them out of office. I just pray the middle class and the poor can survive until the 2022 and 2024 elections.

The House of Representatives has the power to change course, and yet, they plow ahead with their Green New Deal strategies instead of addressing the issues most important to the American people. The list of transgressions they continue to create daily ...

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