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Letter: Beware the red tsunami

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Democrats are hoping a “blue wave” recaptures the government this year. They are ignoring the red tsunami that formed since 2008 when they controlled the Presidency and Congress.

In 2010, Republicans won the House and kept it ever since. In 2014, Republicans won the Senate and kept it in 2016, when they also won the Presidency. American voters changed the government to Republican because they weren’t (and still aren’t) buying the Democrats’ socialism.

Most of those changes occurred before Donald Trump became a presidential candidate in June of 2015. Many Democrats are strongly opposed to President Trump. They forget that many people voted against them before he was even a factor. As president, he has made voters happy by solving or reducing problems that we’ve had for years.

Imagine a political cartoon of a red tsunami starting slowly (House), rising (Senate), shooting to a crest (Presidency, Supreme Court) with a surfboa...

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