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Letter: Beware of ‘political speak’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The amount of propaganda coming from Rob Wittman’s congressional office over the past few weeks suggests a nervous politician. Like all good propaganda it seems plausible, but like all propaganda it is designed to mislead. The argument that they all do it is little comfort. I want, and I believe we all should demand, that they be honest—and that goes for all of them, regardless of party.

But Rob has a habit of suggesting one thing while doing another. Sure, he has a lot of baggage given a President that just can’t tell the truth. But the Congressman has plenty of problems of his own. He and his colleagues passed a massive tax cut primarily benefiting the wealthy. Then they feigned surprise that it led to a significant increase in the deficit. Subsequently, Rob’s colleague Mitch indicated that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will need to be cut to reduce the deficit that they created. They call these things “entitlements&r...

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