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Letter: Beattie, Litschewski, Ramos for Board

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Mathews County citizens need to oust the incumbents of our Board of Supervisors, if for no other reason than the Great Real Estate Property Re-assessment Assault of 2011.

Supervisors, the Commissioner of the Revenue, and even one of the hired assessment consultants were quoted as saying one or more of the following either in print or in public: "our taxes won’t increase," "home values haven’t decreased (since 2005)," "the assessments were fair," and the only true statement, "we need to make up for lost revenue."

The supervisors approved this deal, fully knowing that they would succeed in finding more revenue at a time when state funding decreased. They had an agenda prior to setting the parameters for reassessment and they fulfilled it. Then, to sate those of us who took issue with such huge increases, they passed the buck to the Board of Equalization (which also failed us).

If there would be such a ...

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