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Letter: Be prepared

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When are you, the American people, going to learn that the government is not here to help you with your problems? Most of our government is too busy trying to keep their jobs and reward the people who got them elected.

Just look what happened last week to Texas. They lost power for days, nothing moved for days, and the people couldn’t get food. My fellow Americans, this is a lesson to learn by. For years, I have kept three months of food in the house, a generator, different ways to heat with, and vehicles that can go in the ice and snow and off road. I don’t look for help from the government because it’s not coming.

You have to take responsibility for your own actions. Be prepared to handle as many different conditions that you can. You can buy survival food that will last for years, and water in containers that will last for years. Keep them in a safe place and rotate them every couple of years. Pick up a used refrigerator or freezer. Buy a generator...

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