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Letter: Bay Aging helps navigate complexities of Medicare

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Today’s Medicare-eligible shoppers have a myriad of different insurance options to consider. Some of these options, called Medicare Advantage plans, are alternatives to traditional Medicare provided by private insurance companies. Medicare Advantage plans offer the option of getting all Medicare coverage (health and drug coverage) through one plan and they often include extras such as dental and vision coverage.  These plans are typically confined to specific health networks and may include co-pays.

Traditional Medicare is funded through retiree contributions paid in through payroll taxes. Medicare enrollees are insured through Medicare and enjoy nationwide coverage. However, traditional Medicare only covers 80 percent of medical expenses. Therefore, Medicare supplement plans, or “Medigap” supplement plans, are another option for shoppers to consider to help fill in the gaps of traditional Medicare coverage. 

Deciding which insura...

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