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Letter: Back to normal

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Dear Mathews Supervisors: Deeding the property to a newly formed corporation which has no qualifications or experience in safeguarding anything historic, let alone the main corner of the people’s Courthouse Green, is a very poor decision at best, and at worst, might actually do harm to the county.

Have any of you read the comments posted to the articles written in the Washington Post about this situation? I realize many of you have a disdain for “Come Heres” (especially those of us who become Stay Heres) but we and visitors to Mathews support the local businesses.

Does this board want to encourage or discourage tourism? Tourism which often leads to “come heres” staying and becoming a part of this community. There are comments suggesting people steer clear of Mathews because of the divisive and unwelcoming environment that this board is creating.

You have a choice to make and it isn’t your choice to make alone. You were entrusted as our elected offi...

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