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Letter: As un-American as one can get

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As we near a solution to the coronavirus, all Americans should be proud of the effort put forth by our medical personnel and scientists throughout this country. We should also thank our President and other senior leaders at the federal, state and local levels for their urging, pleading and begging all citizens to take the only action we had available to us to slow the spread, and that was to mask, distance and wash our hands. Millions did. Millions didn’t.

I completely don’t understand why those who didn’t, didn’t. It was such an easy thing to do. It could have perhaps saved hundreds of thousands of lives and/or illnesses. In the past, this country has come together during times of national crisis. Many volunteered and gave their lives to this country. Yet during this crisis, millions stood by and watched.

I think their failure to comply was about as un-American as one can get. I hope they appreciate all who did mask up to save their fellow Americans,...

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