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Letter: Are we still a democracy?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Illegal immigrants invading our border: how many women, children and men have died on their way to America? How many have paid to be transported to America? How many children and women will be used in sex trafficking? How much fentanyl will be used to kill, especially, our children? These illegal immigrants have been fooled by our government thinking they are coming to a democratic country which will allow them to accomplish their dreams and succeed. They are being dumped in communities who must shelter them or let them die.

It did not sink in when the evil in our government ended our energy independence. It did not sink in when we were shamed by our withdrawal from Afghanistan. It did not sink in when Russia invaded Ukraine—their ultimate goal to conquer Europe. It did sink in when our gas and food prices soared. We are beginning to see their “Big Lies” and how they blame everyone and everything but their own traitorous policies.

Did we think about a...

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