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Letter: Are we humble enough to learn?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

My wise former physician of TPMG in West Point, Dr. Marlene Capps, once taught me that a wise physician knows that what he knows is this much (holding her hands out as if to measure a small fry) while what he doesn’t know is this much (as she measured the big catch).

Humility is a quality to be admired. Over the last few months, there have been several comments in articles and editorials by members of the medical community chastising with hot displeasure those who choose not to take the vaccine. Those who trust natural immunity say don’t fear.

We need to face the virus with the tools we each trust because to force the other camp is tyranny. Using words for those who don’t agree such as “anti-vaxxers” is nothing but name calling, derogatory and divisive. It would be better to say those who weather the storm with natural immunity and those who weather the storm using vaccines—both of which have been done for many years.

Both ways have risk and, in a ...

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