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Letter: Are the adults really in charge?

The ongoing disaster that is the Biden administration continues to demonstrate that Americans were lied to during the 2020 presidential election when we were promised that adults would be in charge.

The spy balloon incident is appalling on many levels. First of all, the Biden administration tried to ignore the incident and took no action until it was reported by the press. Secretary of State Blinken’s trip to China was not canceled until after the balloon had been reported by the press. The DOD had detected the balloon five days before then and Blinken’s trip was still going on as planned.

This leaves two possibilities: 1. President Biden is compromised by the Chinese money that his family vacuumed up over the years, or 2. The Biden administration was intimidated by the thought of confronting China over the balloon. A mixture of both is possible as well.

The other disturbing aspect of this situation was the childish response over the weekend where the administration tried to ...

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