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Letter: Apologizing to veterans

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This Memorial Day will be extremely awkward and difficult for me. I had planned on visiting a veterans’ cemetery and prayerfully thanking them for their services and sacrifices for our country. But there is a major problem.

When many veterans fought in hostile countries, they represented the United States, “the shining city on a hill,” as the example to be followed. We now have riots, looting, burning, killing, homelessness, homosexual marriages, etc. We also have an enormous debt, open borders and abortion facilities and closed churches, defunding the police, murdering 62,000,000 innocent unborn children by abortion and many other evils.

I now have to apologize and beg the forgiveness from those veterans, their families, others still serving for what we Americans have allowed our country to become.

Proverbs 6 states seven things the Lord hates. I cringe at the thought of what will happen when His patience runs out and He renders justice on our cou...

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