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Letter: An imagined conversation

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

 Overheard in the locker room of the old courthouse between sessions of the regular monthly meeting:

“Hey, I have an idea that will get us more revenue.” “What’s that?” “Well, we can impose a tax on the most fragile businesses in town, call it a food tax.” “Sounds good, how does it work?” It’s simple, all we do is add 4 percent to the bill of all prepared foods; so restaurants, and delis, and fast food places, and church suppers, and lemonade stands will collect another $300,000 a year in food taxes for us.”

“Do, you think the people of the county will like that idea?” “Well, if we disguise it as something that only tourists and visitors will be paying, and rich people who go out to eat, then put it on the ballot next November and have them vote on it in the election, I think it will pass. Then we will be off the hook because the voters did it to themselves.” &ldqu...

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