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Letter: An America trashed

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Consider how far we have come since Obama declared that he “wanted to fundamentally transform the United States of America”:

—We have unrestrained immigration through our southern border … thank you, Joe Biden.

—We have no bail for criminals in many large cities. Crime is rampant … thank you, liberal DAs.

—We have fossil fuel systems shut down and billions spent on ineffective “green” energy. Again, Biden and company.

—We have (some) elections that are obviously rigged. Thank you, “by any means” Democrats.

—We have historic figures being defamed and their statues destroyed. For what? Wokeness?

—We have public schools that promote “wokeness” in lieu of math, science and history. Thank you, liberal school boards and teachers unions.

—We have Drag Queen Story Hour. What the heck is this all about?

—We have senior government officials that blatantly lie on national TV … the DHS secretary, e.g.

—We have appointment to high government o...

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