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Letter: America has lost a good leader

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

America has lost a good leader with the resignation of Speaker Boehner. I am neither a Republican nor Democrat but, like many in our country, choose to think for myself and vote for who I think is better for our country. This way too often is the lesser of two evils.

John Boehner has served his country well. Sometimes I agreed with him and sometimes not, but he supported what he honestly thought was best for the country. Unfortunately, what is best for our country does not rest in the dogma of either party, but is more moderate a blend of ideas that today in our country is punished if attempted. The speaker tried to appease the extremists of his party but failed. You cannot appease the ideologues of either party for they try to control, not lead. History will record Speaker Boehner as a good speaker in bad times. Thank you, sir.

S.J. Mehaffey

Gloucester, Va. ...

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