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Letter: Altemus for county board

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

So, I have been trying to educate myself on all the candidates for supervisor. I found a letter in the Gazette-Journal written by a Mr. Breckinridge Ingles trashing Mrs. Altemus and found it to be unbelievable. Does he want to convince me to believe something differently than what really happened? Why, to help her opponent?

Mr. Ingles is attempting to confuse people with his storytelling. He wants me to remember a decision she made 13 years ago and blame her for everything? Yes, she made a decision many people didn’t like, other people caused issues as well. What’s the real story?

This line really gets me, “She has not done anything since then to redeem herself.” Since when did he become a judge? Does he know that she is active in supporting the Boys and Girls Club? Does he know that she is a breast cancer survivor who underwent chemo and surgeries? That takes courage. I shake my head at his judgmental arrogance.

Let’s talk about the real issues fa...

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