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Letter: All politics is local

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

“Mathews Citizens for the Common Good,” a newly formed political group, has a mystical purpose formed by “like-minded people.” Their goal of eliminating party affiliations for local elections is naively deceptive. Finding honesty, visionary, diplomatic and skillful unifiers with integrity and character is dependent on who verifies these qualities. Mention MAGA and the room becomes combustible.

Although Republican and Democrat labels are now grey areas, nevertheless, a party affiliation is the first step in sorting out a candidate’s mindset. Baseline knowledge and philosophy gives us a basis for asking questions and holding candidates accountable.

I want to know if a candidate is serious about supporting a Constitutional Republic and our Sovereignty or prefers Communist and Globalist goals. The term “the Common Good” is the “wand” used by Marxism worldwide. Mathews has a long-standing practice of running “unaffiliated” candidates with serious repercuss...

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