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Letter: Alarmists’ logic doesn’t stand up

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Doug Dwoyer and I disagree on global warming, aka climate change (“Letter writer’s facts called into question,” March 13 Readers Write). Basically, it depends on what data you believe. Mr. Dwoyer pins his premise on data generated by NOAA, which is funded by our government, whose cause celebre these days is saving the planet from global warming. Readers of my vintage may recall that this same NOAA, in the mid-1970s, was issuing frantic warnings about the immanent ice age and what we had to do “right now” to avoid world catastrophe (e.g., sprinkle coal dust over the Arctic ice cap). Which is it?

The alarmists fail to acknowledge the half dozen, pre-industrial age warming and cooling cycles that have occurred since the last ice age—some of which were warmer than now, and that the earth has been warming on its own, in a saw-tooth pattern, for the past 12,000 years (During the Middle Ages Warming Period, Vikings were able to gr...

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