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Letter: Agenda 21 is a threat to no one

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

After reading so many disturbing letters in the Opinion section of the Gazette-Journal concerning "U.N. Agenda 21" resulting in a loss of property rights, I decided to check it out. My source is the Agenda itself, which is available for all to view on the internet.

It is basically a suggestion for the sustainable development of the Earth’s resources. With increasing population growth and finite resources available, I feel that this is a legitimate concern which needs to be addressed. However, the Agenda states that "Implementation by member states remains essentially voluntary." In addition, it is evident that, even if it were not voluntary, the U.N. has neither the resources nor the powers to enforce much of anything.

The 150 people who attended the recent meeting at the Cornerstone Church represent 0.3 percent of the combined populations of Gloucester and Mathews counties, and I wonder how many of them attended the numerous p...

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