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Letter: Agenda 21 concerns and Del. Morgan

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It is interesting that outgoing Del. Harvey Morgan’s recent article in the Gazette-Journal says that citizen concern about outside influences on local government is unwarranted. He further states we should be alert for things that affect our Constitutional rights.

Del. Morgan, that is precisely what we are doing when we warn people about United Nations Agenda 21, the Biodiversity Treaty and Regionalism, of which the Middle Peninsula Planning District is a part.

Del. Morgan correctly points out that the U.S. Senate must ratify any international treaty after prolonged study and extensive debate. What he doesn’t say is that policies of treaties not ratified can still be implemented by presidential executive order, bypassing the ratification process altogether.

A case in point is the United Nations Biodiversity Treaty, which was never ratified by the Senate, mainly due to the efforts of Dr. Michael Coffman (a featured speaker at a recent prope...

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