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Letter: Aborting a baby is murder

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Since Roe v Wade became law in 1973, approximately 60 million babies have been aborted in the United States of America.

Kathy Tran, Democrat, a refugee from Vietnam who won a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates presented HB 2491, a bill dealing with eliminating some requirements for late-term abortions. The bill would allow for a woman to abort a pregnancy even as she was about to give birth.

HB 2491 failed to pass, but will surely be presented again. If it passes, then an abortion will be legal after the baby emerges from the womb. This is murder.

Our so-called Governor, Ralph Northam, stated during a radio interview that, in such a case, the baby would be kept comfortable while the abortionist and the mother decide if the baby lives or dies. Murderers.

Northam is a pediatric neurologist who took a Hippocratic oath, an oath embodying a code of ethics. Governor, you approve of infanticide. The AMA should revoke your medical license … now.

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