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Letter: A vulgar insult

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

While I waited in the doctor’s office recently, a woman entered wearing a T-shirt bearing the legend “Let’s Go Brandon,” a malicious line meant by Republicans as a vulgar insult to the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

I shook my head sadly that Republicans have sunk to this low level of demonstrating their support for Donald Trump, who tried to be a king. I believe Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to our American government. He’s an authoritarian just waiting for his chance to rule. Recall his open admiration for dictators like Kim Jong-un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Sadder still is the fact that his followers don’t realize he doesn’t care a whit about them. He is all about himself. The worst part is that Republicans who display this vulgar logo truly believe every word from the former president’s mouth, almost all of which are lies. This man denies having done anything wrong in his life while, for example, he stated openly he fe...

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