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Letter: A vision for a community center at Hayes

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Long-range planning is something that we all do. We save for a car or for retirement. We plan a wedding or some other event. What is true in our own lives is even more necessary for our community. Planning helps us to have a better future.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of Gloucester could pull together and help Gloucester to become a more wonderful place to bring up kids and to have a family life?

We really could use community services for our whole life, from the cradle to the grave. Kids, as well as adults, need to be full partners in our community. Think about it:

1. A new library in Hayes.

2. A new YMCA in Hayes.

3. A place for the Court House Players to perform.

4. Gloucester-Mathews Free Clinic.

If these community services could be located together near the Boys and Girls Club, we would have an area where people could go for entertainment, health and fitness, and enrichment of their minds. Having sites near each other would help ...

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