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Letter: A violation of our rights

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Gloucester Board of Supervisors is rewriting local ordinances that may turn you into a criminal overnight. Are you ready for what is coming, or are you even aware of what is coming?

The following local ordinance is up for consideration that will affect you as an animal owner, hunter, horse owner or other:

“Sec. 3-18. Animals in enclosed vehicles.

 (a) It shall be unlawful to leave any animal in a vehicle without the benefit of air conditioning when the outside temperature reaches eighty (80) degrees Fahrenheit or greater.

 (b) Any person who confines an animal in an unattended vehicle so as to cause the animal to suffer from heat stress, shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. The animal control officer or other officer shall have the authority to remove any animal found left in an enclosed a vehicle that appears to be suffering from heat stress. The animal shall be provided immediate veterinary care. The animal owner or custodian sha...

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