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Letter: A sense of disbelief

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I came away from the “emergency meeting” of the Gloucester County School Board on Friday night with a sense of disbelief. The board wants to hire a lawyer to investigate a fellow board member who was accused of some sort of misconduct.

No information was given as to the identity of the member, what behavior was being investigated, or who brought any accusation. All board members voted for it. Then a motion to allow citizen comment was seconded, then voted down. All because of the lockstep mentality of the board.

Makes one think they complain too much. Must be something to it. Why no answers to these questions? Why hire an individual known only to the chairman?

I am proud to be represented by Darren Post. He is asking the questions we are wondering about. And he is not afraid to ask them, darn the consequences. We are seeing true courage in action. This is what I voted for.

Susan AustinGloucester, Va.

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