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Letter: A selfish politician

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

So now we’ve seen the true nature of Nancy Pelosi. This self-serving, evil, and immoral politician has shown her true colors. She stalled COVID relief for more than eight months but managed to impeach a president in one day. Pelosi even said, “We don’t want to do it [COVID relief] before the election, but let’s keep working so that we can do it after the election,” she told MSNBC. Thousands of Americans are dying because our government is politicizing who gets the vaccine and when.

Thousands of small businesses have suffered because of Pelosi. She earlier wanted $3 billion to bail out mismanaged Democrat states and cities. She didn’t even care about small businesses to help maintain their payroll and keep operating. At 80, this woman, who is worth $114 million, should retire and enjoy her family and grandchildren. Here we have a politician who cares only about her self-enriching career and not the American people. Even Harry Truman once said, “Show me a ...

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