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Letter: A ray of hope

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Today, our land is beset with strife. Political differences, racism—both black and white, pandemic-induced stress, have nearly destroyed the civility that once was commonplace.

So, I rejoiced when I read Miss Eloise Leslie’s March 25 letter.

That a third grader would write a thank you letter gives me hope that civility, politeness, and manners have not completely disappeared from our culture. Miss Eloise’s actions speak well of her family, since those values are taught at home. We can all take comfort in this letter as proof that some of the up-and-coming generation are mindful of polite behavior, and will stand as examples to their peers.

Miss Eloise, please continue to read, and learn. I hope that your dictionary will help open new interests and fields of study. Please never stop learning, and continue to act in the kind manner you showed in your letter. God bless.

Capt. Mark A. Truscott, USMMOnemo, Va.

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