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Letter: A policy failure

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Economic statistics published by the government have descended to the level of pure propaganda. Outright distortions of government data present a picture that the average American is incapable of deciphering into what can be termed “everyday common sense.”

The hype involving stimulus spending is equally misunderstood with the possible exception of the question: What’s in it for me? Not a single explanation by government providing with clarity the potential dire consequences created by an unrestrained policy of money printing. Such policies are likely to create consequences that are unthinkable by today’s generation.

While we have experienced inflation in good times as well as bad, we can expect a greater level of inflation as a result of the increasing money supply labeled as “stimulus.” The coming inflation, likely hyperinflation, will sound the death knell on the dollar with an increasingly weaker dollar. All prices of goods and services will increa...

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