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Letter: A paradigm shift

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Many of today’s political observers, as well as numerous financial consultants, are convinced that a revolution in the U.S. is in the cards. It will be this revolution, the reset as some describe it, which will determine the future of this nation.

Americans will either return to what prompted the founding of this nation in 1776 or revert to the chaos and mob rule typical of the 1789 French Revolution. In which case, the future will be fraught with unrest, war and further economic ruin.

The founding values must be held foremost in the times to come, those values and the setting of a steady course to return to solid economic values of Austrian economics.

I realize it is disturbing to talk about economic failure. The dismal science becomes even more so with the specter of failure added. Unfortunately I have encountered this first-hand while attempting to warn those who I care about. Unfortunately as disturbing and stressful as it is, adopting the Scarlet...

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