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Letter: A look at competing philosophies

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Most of us agree the country is headed the wrong way, but which wrong way?

As I see it, there are two competing philosophies. On one side is the desire for freedom, along with personal responsibility. The other is for equality. Not equal treatment, but equal outcomes. The Tea Party, to a large extent, represents the first and Occupy Wall Street the second.

I agree with the first on moral grounds first, but secondly because I think individual liberty will lead us in the direction of prosperity, while the effort toward equality of outcomes is destined for failure.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd are victims of a philosophy which teaches that your problems are created by the actions of others. Schools dumb down courses and teach getting the right answers, rather than thinking in concepts, which benefits the individual throughout life. So, when things don’t go well, rather than search for a reason, it becomes a search for whom to blame. Individual free...

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