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Letter: A few steps away from tyranny

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Last week, a well-educated friend of mine posted on Facebook, “If you don’t wear the mask, you are not only selfish but also dangerous.”

So I asked him if he believed the mask helped stop the spread of virus and thereby saved lives. Of course he said yes.

My next statement was that the flu is also a virus and is responsible for 80,000 lives last year according to the CDC, so do you think we should wear the masks from now and forever?

He wouldn’t answer the question, and being a liberal, he decided to bash Trump instead, which had nothing to do with my question.

Here’s what I would like your readers to consider: If the government can force us to wear masks and close our business operations now, what’s to stop them from other mandates in the name of public safety?

I sincerely hope my friend reads this and at least considers the possibility that we, as a nation, are only a few steps away from tyranny.

Jimmy HuffGloucester Point, Va.

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