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Letter: A climate of distrust

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Research has shown that having a caring and highly qualified teacher in every classroom is the number-one way to improve the education of all children. Unfortunately, Governor Youngkin’s tip line to report teachers, principals, and instructional materials is creating a climate of intimidation and distrust. This is even making some of the most passionate teachers consider leaving the profession.

Teachers who have already been under intense stress due to the pandemic are now at their breaking point. Teacher morale is at an all-time low. When Governor Youngkin set up his tip line, he made the definition of what constitutes an inherently divisive topic intentionally vague. As a result, teachers in our local schools who have never taught Critical Race Theory are now worried they could be reported to the tip line for just following the approved curriculum. Some even worried they might be reported for their Black History Month lessons and bulletin boards. Is ho...

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