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Letter: A crossroads

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Americans are quickly coming to a crossroads that will again try our very souls.

Today, seventy-five million (or more) legal voters believe there was a strategic criminal attack on the Nov. 3 election. I am one of them. Will Congress stand by the Constitutional procedure to count only legal votes?

Inevitably we, not Congress, must decide whether to reclaim our fragile power under our Constitutional Republic and support the reelection of President Trump. If not, we will succumb to and serve a powerfully deceptive and profoundly sinister enemy within which will become our permanent legal government.

We must not be fooled by the meaningless charade of the red and blue flags of politics. We passed that detour a long time ago. Our choice is freedom and independence as a nation or enslavement—a crossroads.

Pray for the courage and spine once again to cry: “Give me liberty or give me death!” May God help us now and always.

Ruth LitschewskiOnemo, Va....

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