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Letter: Capitol breaches

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I confess. I breached the Capitol in Washington, D.C., with my partner. We pushed our way into the Senate’s north end, marched up to the office of our state’s senator, and asked to see him.

Turned away by his receptionist, we proceeded to bounce and joke our way down to the Rotunda and Statuary Hall before, now bored with our adventure, we left by the House of Representatives’ end. Our seditious breach was over; we escaped capture and punishment. We boarded a bus headed for Alexandria, our hopes of riding home with our neighbor, the senator, dashed. We did it.

I confess. Fortunately, it was 1958.

At least 20 years passed before the inner-sanctum dwellers of that building had stopped thinking of it as the people’s house, a place where two kids could hijinks through it, and realized they were keepers of a Holy Temple to the God Liberty.

As a young man, courtesy of our government, in 1970 I had occasion to stand outside the President’s Palace in Sa...

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