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Let us know how you’re doing

When Gloucester and Mathews joined the rest of the nation in the COVID-19 shutdown, the Gazette-Journal started to wonder how people were coping with the sudden changes in their lives.

We have been asking our readers to help us document the good things and the unusual things that have happened along the way. If you wish to contribute to any of these efforts, please send your material, photos and information, to

Prom attire?

Among of the casualties of the pandemic were the senior proms in Gloucester and Mathews. While it’s a very small item in the grand scheme of things, it’s still a big disappointment for those who were planning to attend. And for many, a chance to get all dressed up is a big part of the prom fun.

So, if you’ve got your prom dress or tux sitting in the closet, take it out, dust it off, put it on and send us a photo. We’d love to see it.


We asked a few weeks ago and have a few answers: what have you experimented with in the kitchen during the shut-at-home days? We will be publishing all of your answers in a few weeks.

Floral beauty

We started running your photographs of daffodils in March as a very minor compensation for cancellation of the Gloucester Daffodil Festival. The photos of beautiful flowers, long past the daffodil stage, kept coming and we are so happy to have them. Please continue.

How did you get here?

We have received quite a few replies to our question posed two weeks ago, and will present a compilation soon. This is a universal question, not brought on by the pandemic, but now that we have a chance to stay home and visit across six feet of grass, it’s a good time to get to know our neighbors better.

How are you coping?

A few weeks ago we presented some readers’ strategies for helping children fill their days, and to fill their own free time, while away from the usual rush of work or school. The question is still relevant. How are you coping with this unusual time?

Show your face

Finally, we asked for photos to document the protection you are wearing against infection. The Age of Masks will not always be with us. It would be great to do this again! Be brave … show your covered face.
Again, if you want to take part in these efforts to document the pandemic, just send your news to us at We hope to hear from you.