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Large raft of logs leaving East River


Thursday, Aug. 1, 1907

from the Mathews Journal

What is said to be the largest raft of logs ever towed up Chesapeake Bay is to start from the head of East River. The raft contains 1,691 logs; ranging from 40 to 75 feet. It was put up by Mr. Arthur Hudgins and others for Mr. Seth Marchant.


Thursday, Aug. 4, 1927

from the Mathews Journal

Several attempts have been made to get enough members of the Boy Scout Committee together at one time to complete the arrangements for the organization of a Boy Scout Troop here but up to this time those who profess to be interested in the welfare of the boys of the community have found time only to discuss the matter on the streets. Representatives have been here several times from Scout headquarters in Richmond and Washington only to find that nothing has been done. This trifling way of doing things is not at all to the credit of our county.

Another meeting is called for Tuesday night, Aug. 8.



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