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June 17-23 is National Pollinator Week

June 17-23 is National Pollinator Week, an annual event designated by the U.S. Senate to highlight how essential pollinators are to the production of food and fiber.

According to the nonprofit Pollinator Partnership, about three-quarters of all flowering plants need help with pollination, and about a third of all foods and beverages are generated by pollinators.

“When we think of pollinators and human benefits, we tend to think of honeybees, which are incredibly important for agriculture,” said Stephen Living, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources habitat education coordinator.

He noted that while honeybees are primary pollinators for more than 130 types of fruits and vegetables, native bees also play an important role in pollinating crops like blueberries, squash and cherries. They also pollinate 80 percent of all flowering plants. There are 458 species of native bees in Virginia. Other essential pollinators include beetles, flies, butterflies, moths and birds.


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