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Judith Morgan Flores of Mathews, departed this earth on Nov. 20, 2015.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Joseph and Barbara Morgan.

She is survived by her daughter, Tiffany Ratliff; son, Sheldon Rowley; sister-cousin, Sheldon Starr; as well as her grandchildren, Morgan Farmer, Jessica Creekmore, Cooper Rowley, Katherine Rowley, and great-grandchild, Oakley Farmer.

She also lives on through various friendships, paintings, and journals.

An intimate service in her honor will be held at Old Field Point in Moon.

Judith, also known fondly as Mimi, always thought of the positive. No matter what life threw her way, she held her head high and kept on pushing, even at the end. She answered darkness with her own personal light and sadness with a radiant smile.

Below is a poem written by Judith in 1995 that says it all. 

“Free To Be”

Throughout the years my creative soul

Has struggled to be free

Through tears and fears my inner self

Has fought to find the key

To find the key to fit the gate

Or to scale this wall of doubt

Built with fear of failure

It successfully kept me out

Its shadow cast upon all thought

And every hope of winning

As years went by I stood outside

And watched as light was dimming

But deep inside, within my soul,

A tiny flame kept burning

A heart’s beat fanned the flame

And kept the creature stirring

And then one day unlike the rest,

The pieces now in place,

I gained the nerve to climb the wall,

Its shadows to erase

With joy I knew I had found the way

To free this inner child

No fear of failure, crippling doubt

Could quench this fire wild

I’d found the source and with it strength

And truly found the core

At last the will to risk the try

This child is free to soar

With tears soft mist upon her face

My creative soul is free

Unbridled and unmasked

I’ve found myself, at last completely ME.