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Grace Providence UMC gets new crowning glory

For many, the church steeple symbolizes the connection between man and God, directing the viewer’s eyes upward to contemplate the heavens. But even with such an ethereal purpose, steeples are still subject to worldly wear and tear, as weather and aging cause even the sturdiest of structures to decay.

Thus, the steeple on Grace Providence United Methodist Church in Mobjack is undergoing renovation. It is expected to be re-installed by the end of this month.

Church member George McKnight said that people had noticed leaks in the steeple tower a number of years ago, and a Northern Virginia company that restores churches had found that woodpeckers had pecked holes in the cedar shakes on the roof. There was also some rot in the trim boards.

The company did a temporary repair, said McKnight, but there was still a problem with a galvanized scuttle and galvanized sheathing coming into contact with copper flashing and causing electrolysis that was damaging the metals.

The steeple was ...

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