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Gloucester resident protests court’s cell phone policy

Gloucester resident David Weller has been standing outside Gloucester’s courthouse recently protesting the judge’s policy of the use of cell phones in the court building. Weller said he feels that the judge needs to consider a more respectful and fair cell phone policy.

“Everyone and their brothers are taking their cell phones into the Gloucester courthouse, (including) lawyers, employees, law enforcement and maintenance,” Weller said. “The only people not allowed to conduct business via phone … are the taxpayers.”

Weller said he realized for certain high-profile cases that may be heard in the building that the cell phones might need to be banned, but added those cases in Gloucester are few and far between. He also stated that Gloucester’s policy hasn’t changed in over 15 years, while other courthouses have relaxed their cell phone use policies. 

“Even Judge Judy allows evidence to be presented by cell phone,” h...

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