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Gloucester board affirms 2nd Amendment rights

The Gloucester Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday night to approve a resolution designed to protect the rights of gun owners, by stating the county would not enforce the recent gun restriction laws passed by the Virginia General Assembly.

During the meeting at the T.C. Walker Education Center, chairman Phillip Bazzani presented a resolution to support Gloucester County residents’ right to bear arms. Bazzani’s resolution was brought after the General Assembly approved gun restriction laws that came into effect on July 1.

Those measures include a one-gun-a-month buying limit, red flag laws allowing for temporary removal of firearms in certain conditions, a ban on trigger activators, and ordering that people who had been served with protective orders surrender their firearms. The laws also gave localities the right to mandate them.

Counties have the ability to restrict where guns can or cannot be carried, such as parks, sidewalks and community centers. The resolution proposed by...

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