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Farm Boards business taking off in Mathews

Mathews residents know all about the beautiful waterways that go through the small peninsula. The water is used by locals and visitors alike for recreation during the year’s warmer months. A popular way of enjoying the water is paddle boarding. A paddle board is a board that’s designed for the surfer to stand on it and paddle through calm waters.

The popularity and recreation of paddle boarding caught the eye of William Berg, the owner of Farm Boards, a new business located at Foster, and led him to begin hand-making paddle boards and skim boards using his own methods.

Berg built his first board when he needed a new skim board and found that the prices had skyrocketed compared to what they were when he bought his last one. He decided to instead make one for himself and then one for a friend who saw Berg’s creation and had to have one, as well.

Berg decided to add paddle boards to his repertoire after one day at the beach where he noticed a family who had paddled up to shore. ...

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