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Editorial: Virginia’s future is blowing in the wind

A refreshing onshore wind blew across Virginia Tuesday. Dominion, the state’s predominant power company, said it could easily accept the megawatts expected to be generated by an offshore wind farm.

In other words, unlike the Pickens plan for the Midwest (see above), the infrastructure is already in place. All that’s needed is to erect the windmills and lay the cables to bring the energy to land.

Given that wind is a renewable, clean source of power, while oil is finite, pollution-causing and mostly in the hands of powers that are hostile to the U.S., what are we waiting for?

Energy is coming ashore daily on Virginia’s long ocean shoreline. Let’s harness it, use it, and propel Virginia again to becoming a national power, this time in asserting independence from old-style, mostly foreign sources of energy.

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